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Social Security and Pensions in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on December 7, 2017 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

* Government and Social Security will be abolished.


* But people who are old will still get their money, either in American Dollars or Private Currencies.


* As for the other people, money won't be taken away from them. And the money that has been taken away will be returned.


* Private pensions will exist for the security and defense personnel. These pensions will be called Brand Pensions.


* PMIs, PPIs and Codiguist Militias as well as Voowies(Veterans of old wars) will be given their money for their service.


* Private institutions might create private pensions for their employees. As well as creating programs that will teach people how to save money for their future. Similar to saving plan.


* The charity sector will give services and products free of charge, for those poor and old people.


* Remember that without taxes, people will have more money by the time they get older. So the IRS and taxes(W2 form, income tax) will not exist.


* So that's how the U.R.A. will deal with pensions, saving plans and retirement plans without a government sponsored social security.


IDs and Certificates in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 29, 2017 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

* In order to obtain these documents. People will need to go different organization to buy them.


* For example, driving licenses will be given by instructors whose students finish the course(driving lesson course).


* Weapon licenses will be given by the weapon training centers to the people that learn how to handle the weapons, have good mental health and don't have a criminal background.


* While ID cards will be sold by private organizations, so that people can buy one. Anyone who have softwares and talent, can create ID cards and sell them in the free market.


* The same goes for Birth certificates and license plates. So private brands will register people who buy license plates and brith certificates.


* Also private notaries will be in charge of marrying and divorcing people. So they(private notaries) will give those certificates. As well as reading wills and testaments.


* So we believe in Laissez-faire, in that way business permits and regulations won't exist. Anyone can open their own business and run it however they want to.


* Basically the private and charity sectors, will create and sell these documents without the need for a government or state.

The U.R.A. and Sports Competition

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 27, 2017 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

* First of all sports leagues will be privately organized and privately operated.


* So sports leagues might get their money from commercial sponsorship.


* Since sports will be very open, we might see more than one league for the same sport.


* Maybe in the beginning, the International Olympic Committee won't let the U.R.A. compete internationally. So we plan to have our own olympic games, the Privadolympics.


* Privadolympics will be the Regionite national olympics. Where Regionite athletes and sportspeople will compete for medals. They might represent their private leagues and organizations. This is our version of a national olympics. The games might also be known as Regiolympics.


* Whoever organizes the Privadolympics will be the equivalent of the ''Regionite Olympic Committee'' . And the winning athletes and sportspeople will represent the U.R.A. at the olympic games and other international sports competition. Because the winners of the Privadolympics will be considered the best Regionite athletes.


* If FIFA, International Olympic Committee and other international sports body organizations let us participate in their events. We will send the Regionite Representation.


* The Regionite Representation will be a team made up by the best Regionite athletes and sportspeople. They will be people born in the U.R.A. or foreign people with Regionite Exit Cards.


* In case of having more than one sports league, the leagues might create super teams in order to face each other. And the winner will represent U.R.A. in international sports competition. Except maybe in individual sports like tennis, golf, boxing, weightlifting, etc. In those sports, individuals face each other.

* The U.R.A. will also participate, in the Post-Am Games. Where they will compete in a olympic style games against other countries, that were once part of the American Empire. So the Post-Am Games will be an international sports competition.


* Also The NCAA and other student athletics organizations will be abolished and they will be replaced with Development Sports Leagues(also known as Canteras). In those development leagues, the young athletes will have a contract and will receive a salary.


* Since there is no state or government to celebrate with the athletes and sportspeople. The champions and winners will celebrate with their fans by making parades in their home cities and fanbases.


* The U.R.A. might be the host of some international sports competitions. Like the Post-Am Games. And besides the Privadolympics, since those will be national.


* So this is how sports will operate in the U.R.A..


Govie Emigre(Americo Exile)

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 27, 2017 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

* The Govie Emigre/Americo Exile are mainly statists that ruled the U.S. Mainland and were exiled during The Regionite Revolution.


* These people will be considered Persona non grata. Which means that they won't be able to enter the country(the U.R.A.).


* Some diplomats whose office got abolished abroad, will be exiled due to their status of high ranking govies. For example, The American ambassador in Saudi Arabia.


* Other govie sympathizers such as security and defense personnel, media personalities, crony businesspeople, lobbyists, bankers, etc. Will also be sent into exile and will become Persona non grata.


* All these people will be known as the Americo Exile or the Govie Emigre.


* Their assets at home(the U.S. Mainland) will be confiscated, while they will be sent into exile.

Foreign Ambassadors and Travel Destinations in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 27, 2017 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

* Post Am ambassadors will be recognized and will open an embassy in the U.R.A..


* Also neighboring countries might open an embassy in the U.R.A..

* So The D-17 countries will have embassies in the U.R.A.. The United Kingdom will be responsible for Bermuda, since it is its colonial holder.

* So foreign ambassadors might leave the country, after The Regionite Revolution. Due to them to being afraid of the revolution.

* Some countries will lack an embassy in the U.R.A.. They might still be contacted by using a third party embassy. For example, talking to Colombians using the Puerto Rican embassy.

* Since the collapse of the American Empire, direct travel and commercial routes will be replaced with indirect routes and destinations. For example, If you used to fly from Los Angeles to Sydney. Now you will go from Los Angeles to Honolulu and then to Sydney. Basically by using Third Party Countries.


* This will affect people involved in commerce, trade and travel. So the average person won't need to worry about it. Because internal commerce, trade and travel will remain the same. So Air Travel within the 48 region/provinces will remain the same.

* So the Regionite airports and cruise ports will only take the Regionite to the D-17 countries. Which are basically are neighboring and Post-Am countries. Also besides, travelling internally by travelling within the 48 Regionite provinces.

* The airports and cruise ports will only take you to 17 countries. But special tickets will be sold. For example, You can travel from The U.R.A. to The UK to Morocco with one ticket. And then come back with the same ticket.

* So special Axis of Trade and Travel will be formed.

Adoption and Parentless People in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 21, 2017 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

* Basically private orphanages and private institutions will take care of orphan children and will provide them with education, food, shelter and clothing.


* Since Foster Care was created by the government, it might not exist in the U.R.A. since there will be no government or state. In case children are abused or neglected, a relative of the children might become the new legal guardian.


* Also relatives or family members of the orphan children might get the custody by going to a private judge and signing some paperwork.


* So people that want to adopt children, will visit a private orphanage and adopt a child.


* In the private orphanages children will be given education up to 18 years of age. After that they can be connected to a Specialized Educational Institute(SEI) or they can be connected with several job fairs. So that they can join the workforce. They might also get connected with the charity apartments or charity houses.


* Parentless People will be people who lived in orphanages but never got adopted. Maybe they grew up in the orphanages, but once they turned 18 years of age, they might become independent and start working.


* So Parentless People will have the name and last name given by the people who placed them in the orphanages. Or they can have a name and last name of their choice.


* In order to adopt an orphan child, the people interested(single people or couples) will need to have good physical and mental health. As well as financial stability, in order to raise a child.


* People with criminal backgrounds will not be allowed to adopt children from orphanages or get the custody of a child.

Healthcare in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 21, 2017 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

* The private sector and the charity sector will provide healthcare to the Regionites.

* Private hospitals will compete in the free market, they will have different prices and rates.


* The charity sector will have hospitals and clinics, that will give services free of charge. So that the poor can have access to healthcare.

* People can pay the private hospitals immediately or later in different payments(P.I.O.L. Payments).

* Medical insurances will be optional, they might be linked to the people's workplace. Or people can buy health insurances independently from their workplaces.


* Alternative medicine clinics and centers will be legal. That way people can have access to an alternative healthcare.

* Laissez-faire and charity pharmaceutical companies will exist. Laissez-faire companies will compete and sell medicines in the free market. While the charity companies will provide medicines free of charge.

* In case of medical negligence, people can easily sue their doctors and take their case to private courts.

* Foreign doctors and medical experts will be able to open their own clinics and cure patients. Since their medical training and education will be valid in the U.R.A..

Sex Offenders in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 17, 2017 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

* Sex Offenders are people accused of sexual crimes. But they have left the Re-Education Center.


* After leaving the Re-Education Center, sex offenders might be registered on a PPI(private police insurance) database.


* Also sex offenders won't be able to buy weapons or join the security and defense forces or codiguist militias.


* So during Costume Day and Gift Day, also sex offenders will be taken on a van by the PPIs to a remote place. So that the PPIs can keep an eye on them. While everyone celebrates Costume Day or Gift Day.


* Any sex offender trying to hide from the PPI van, will be search for.


* Sex Offenders will still be able to join the workforce and even create their own private brand.

Custody of Children in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 17, 2017 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

* Custody of children will be discussed by a couple, their lawyers and a private judge.

* Basically custody battles and cases are the result of a divorce.

* Probably the custody will be given to the most capable parent. This might be the parent with the most money or the one with the best physical and mental health.

* If a parent tries to abduct a minor by force. He or she my get arrested and placed in a Re-Education Center. While being accused of abducting a minor. Unless the other parent removes the charges.

* If an abducted minor crosses the border into another country, that child and his or her parent are outside Regionite jurisdiction. They might return to the U.R.A. if the other country's authorities deport them back.

* Also Child Support for divorced couples might end when the minor reaches 18 years of age. Because at that age the minor will be considered an adult. And they will have the same rights as an adult.

Legal Age to Consume Substances in The U.R.A.

Posted by aldoweinstein on November 17, 2017 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

* Personally we think that 18 years of age, might be the appropriate age for people to start consuming the sustances they want. It will be a right once they turn 18 years of age.


* All types of substances will be legal. For example tobacco, alcohol, soft drugs, hard drugs, pills, electronic cigars, etc.


* In case minors become addicted. Rehab clinics and rehab centers will be created by the charity sector and the laissez-faire sector.


* So with that in mind drug prohibition will not exist.


* So people will have to show an identification card in order to prove that they are 18 years of age.


* So minors will not be allowed to enter The Substance Stores/Substance Shops or bars.


* The punishment for people caught selling substances to minors, will be to get fired from the subtance shops and bars.


* Taxis and Personal Helpers might be available near the Substance Shops and Bars. In order to drive the clients back home. For example, the shop might have their own vans so that they can drive their clients back home or the clients can pay a taxi.


* The Subtance Store/Substance Shops will decide how much they are going to sell to their clients. Also the prices will be decided in a free market.


* We assume that the shops will sell them small quantities, probably little bags.


* So everyone who turns 18 years of age, will have the right to consume the substances doesn't matter if is for medical or recreational purposes.